Allied Automation

Cleanroom Systems

Cleanroom-Rated Equipment
Selecting a machine platform for automated assembly can drive the success of your project and impact important factors such as floor space, machine access, and future manufacturing flexibility. Allied Automation can steer you in the right direction. ​

Allied Automation designs and manufactures cleanroom compliant equipment, allowing our customers to satisfy the requirements of a cleanroom or critical environment certification. ​

We evaluate each new system throughout the design phase to ensure that all of the client requirements are met, the correct materials are used, and that the purchased components meet or exceed your cleanroom requirements.
Built To Meet Federal Standards
If you require a controlled environment in which to manufacture your products, such as one where the concentration of airborne particles is controlled to specified limits, you can be assured that we will build your system to the standards required. Whether that standard is Federal Standard 209E air cleanliness for airborne particulate levels in cleanrooms and clean zones or some other standard, you will have the cleanroom-rated equipment you need to prevent contamination of your product.