Allied Automation

FAT, SAT, Validation

Validation and Acceptance Testing
Prior to delivery, your system will undergo Allied Automation’s strenuous in-house validation and acceptance testing processes. We provide FDA-required validation services that range from master planning to the execution of specified protocols to factory or site acceptance testing (FAT or SAT). Our engineers’ capability to perform these tests in-house ensures the accuracy of your machinery and equipment, reduces time to production for you, and guarantees the relevance of your validation. ​

Our engineers have experience with the most recent Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) methodologies, ASTM International (originally the American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, and other federal regulatory requirements. You can expect your machinery and equipment to be validated in the areas of protocol development, review, execution, and reporting including: ​

  • FMEA
  • Validation Protocol
​ Acceptable operation and maintenance costs are elements just as important in a production system as full compliance with CGMP, ASTM or federal regulatory requirements. The engineers at Allied Automation will develop procedures to ensure that your automated system remains in a validated state once it is in operation.