Allied Automation

Automated Process

Streamline your production, reduce potential errors, and get control of your product in real-time.
Allied Automation can provide process automation to eliminate operator error and improve traceability in existing production systems or to move new process from R&D to the production floor. We leverage our controls design and programming expertise to integrate machines and to integrate systems into plant data platforms. From mixing and dispensing to marking and measuring Allied Automation can direct, monitor, report, track, and notify plant network systems and operators throughout the manufacturing process.

Allied Automation can integrate Operator Identification, Recipe Control, Process Limits, Lot Identification, etc. into systems to maintain regulatory compliance applying standards set by your specific industry.
Allied Automation provides systems for:
  • Operator Identification
  • Time Stamping
  • Alarm Tracking
  • Product Selection
  • Lot Number Tracking
  • Product Identification & Verification
  • Component Identification & Verification
  • Weight Measurement
  • Temperature Control
  • Environmental Monitors
  • Mixing process control
  • Dispensing process control