Allied Automation

Robot Integration

From High Speed Arms to Collaborative Robot Solutions Allied Automation handles parts from 0.5 Grams to 50 Kilograms.
Allied Automation uses Robots within machines to keep system cost down by solving complex motions and multi-tasking system actions when possible. Robots are a well understood and reliable tool in the world of automation. Elegance and success in robot implementation come from robust end-effector design and a solid understanding of part fixturing and constraints. Allied Automation’s years of experience designing automated machines and assembly fixtures give us the foundation required to make robot solutions look easy.
Allied Automation robotic system examples:
  • Profile Path Dispensing
  • Vision Coupled Parts Feeding
  • Tray Loading
  • Tray Unloading
  • Tray Handling
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Precision Positioning
  • Liquid Filled Syringes
  • Glass Ampoules
  • Silicon Molded Parts
  • 6 Axis Arms
  • Delta (Spider) Robots
  • Gantry Systems
  • Custom Servo Applications