Allied Automation

Design and Process Development

Concept Assembly Stations
Small scale tooling for your prototype product design is our specialty.
From special stand-alone work cells to full turnkey manufacturing assembly systems, Allied Automation’s assembly stations ensure the optimum integration of mechanical, electronic and software components. To help our clients avoid downtime in automated assembly systems, we use proven components of only the highest quality that are the most robust and cutting-edge available. And that’s just for starters.

High yield, accurate assembly relies on the compatibility of tolerances between the assembly station and the dimensions of the medical device. Our expertise in this area guarantees you an assembly station that incorporates modularity, precision, flexibility, and repeatability.
Streamlining Your Manufacturing Process
Allied Automation works closely with clients to streamline their manufacturing process. This reduces some of the risks experienced when a medical device moves from a concept phase into a production phase.

We help define the potential problems during the device development to avoid expensive redesign of molds and other durable tooling. By working to reduce the complexity or number of components in the device assembly, we can help our clients save on costly automation tooling.