Allied Automation

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Work Cells

To keep automation costs down on lower volume production lines, Allied Automation offers many manual and semi-automatic design solutions targeted for assembly and testing of lower volume products. Our lean manufacturing work cells minimize the resources required for production through the elimination of waste that increases costs, lead times and inventory requirements.

We understand that you cannot always go directly to mass production for new technology development. Allied Automation can start helping you early in the development of your product and bench top tooling will control your critical process steps to ensure that quality control processes are in place early. This approach gives you, our client, what you want, when you want it, at the lowest possible cost, and within the least amount of time.

Whether it is a medical device for clinical trials or a low volume consumer product, we understand that small scale tooling and semi-automatic systems are required to maintain a quality product and keep operators comfortable.

The system shown is a manually loaded station used to dispense thermal grease into a thermostatic expansion valve. Upon receiving the grease, the operator manually fastens a thermocouple by use of a Weber screw feeder/driver.