Allied Automation

New Technology Development

We have experience in nearly every sector of manufacturing and exposure to countless manufacturing technologies. Our everyday job is providing solutions to challenging problems on time and on budget. We have the knowledge and experience to apply the correct solution to your project.
First…We Seek to Understand
Allied Automation focuses on understanding your needs. Each project begins with a thorough and open discussion to review your application. We work to understand the factors that drive the success of your new project or process to provide the best solutions available.

We can provide manual tooling for pilot or pre-production manufacturing for new products or processes as well as systems for full-scale mass production.
Know Exactly What You Are Buying
We provide comprehensive quotations that describe the project deliverables in detail. Our engineer’s design machines using 3-D Solid Modeling Software, building a virtual machine that you can view and inspect prior to the fabrication phase of your project. You will be able to see what you are getting ahead of time.
Excellence By Design
Allied Automation’s design engineers follow stringent written standards for all mechanical design. Our controls engineers apply established steps in developing a machine code that guarantees reliable operation and excellent serviceability.

We design every system completely before we begin the fabrication phase of the project. Our design standards guarantee that you will receive an accurate and complete documentation set.
Prototyping and Testing
If needed, with your approval, we will develop and manufacture “fast prototype tooling” for pre-production samples. (In some industries, such as the medical device industry, this is necessary for FDA approvals and for clinical trials.) Prototypes do not require the kinds of speeds or quantities that become necessary when your product is ready to hit the market, but thorough testing of your processes and tooling saves time and money.
Installation, Training, and Support
Training of your employees begins when the equipment goes through its acceptance testing with SAT documentation at our facility. The equipment is then disassembled and shipped to your site, where it is installed under our guidance and direction.

We produce documentation for the equipment and train your people at your site in how to run and properly maintain the machinery. Our controls and software put you in the driver’s seat. Throughout the entire process, we place a strong emphasis on safety and ergonomics for those running and maintaining the machinery.