Allied Automation

Medical Device Development and Assembly
Allied Automation has refined its Medical Device Development and Assembly capabilities over the last 20 years and is positioned to help our clients succeed with revolutionary new devices. We are experienced in the steps required to move your new device from a prototype to a high-volume production product. Allied Automation will support you every step of the way with dependable high-quality machines.
Allied’s experience brings early insight into your new product design. We will help you define risk areas in your design and in your assembly process to mitigate those risks. Having the right quality and process controls in place early in your product development cycle is critical for your product and process validation. We are experienced at making sure prototype processes are scalable for high volume production.
Small Volume Production
During the development cycle, you may need anywhere from 50 to 5,000 parts for testing and evaluation. Allied Automation can provide cost-effective process and assembly tooling that will keep pace with your maturing design and increasing production volumes.
High Volume Production
When your device is ready for the mass market, Allied Automation will build the high-volume machine or system that will produce your product with verifiable quality. You can count on Allied’s machines to meet your current and future needs.

Allied Automation’s Capabilities:

  • Concept Assembly Stations
  • Production Systems
  • Clean Room Rated Equipment
  • Validation and Acceptance Testing
  • Machine Design
  • Fabrication