Allied Automation

Automotive Assembly & Testing
Automotive Assembly & Testing

Allied Automation provides turnkey, custom equipment to perform tasks related to the assembly and testing of automotive components and products. We save our clients time and money through complex machine design and fabrication services.

When off-the-shelf solutions are not available to satisfy your requirements, you can turn to Allied Automation, knowing that we will get the job done right at a competitive price and with quality assurance built in every step of the way.

We design and build your custom equipment on our premises, then install and validate it on yours.
Success Story: Automotive Body Gauge Inspection

Allied Automation received a letter of thanks from our client’s plant manager stating that no other gauging system had been installed in his facility, passed Gauge R&R and FAT, and been put immediately into production during his time with the company.

The featured machine tool is used to perform a number of measurements (precision gauging, internal feature measurement, hole presence, etc.) on automotive valve lash adjusters prior to a machining operation. Measurement of many products features required the development of specialized probes and measurement techniques. Some features inspected are measured as precisely within two-tenths of a Micron (0.0002mm). A Stelron Precision Link Chassis was used to provide synchronous motion of the product nests in conjunction with the rise and fall of measurements devices. This design approach guarantees that sensitive measurement devices cannot be damaged.

At the core of the machine is a Stelron Precision Link Indexing Chain. The control is an Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 PLC using DeviceNet Distributed I/O combined with a Cutler Hammer e-Pro Operator interface panel.

Allied Automation’s Capabilities:

  • Concept Assembly Stations
  • Production Systems
  • Clean Room Rated Equipment
  • Validation and Acceptance Testing
  • Machine Design
  • Fabrication